December Market Update

Between now and New Year’s Eve, many Sellers pull their house off the market because they don’t want to be disturbed during holiday activities.  At the same time, Buyers tend to take a break from house hunting as well.  For those Buyers and Sellers who are really serious, the holidays are no excuse to put things on hold.  The Buyers still out shopping have great negotiating options due to the slowing demand.  For Sellers, having your home in showing condition is very important, as is keeping an open mind if a low offer is submitted.  I’ve heard from agents in my office that Sellers are walking away from offers that are within $2000 of their bottom line on a $300,000 to $400,000 house.  Sellers should keep in mind that an offer turned down now may be the last offer they see for two months or more; until the market moves more towards spring.