Why a Web Site is Like an Open House

Four years ago I started my web site and started promoting it on my business cards, brochures, etc.  About two years ago I realized that I needed to spend more time promoting my web site online than offline and slowly saw an increase in traffic.  Then about a year ago I redesigned my site, started participating in forums, and blogging in earnest.

Today I now average more than 200 visitors per day to my web site, but alas, I’m lucky if I get one inquiry per day that comes through it.  Then I thought about it… a standard web site is like an Open House in that I’m inviting people to come in to see what I have to offer them (commentary, community information, for sale homes, and sold home search) but it’s an Open House where no one is home.

I’m currently implementing a click-to-chat feature on my site that allows my visitors to quickly ask me a question if I’m sitting on the computer while they’re visiting my site.  I’ve had a couple people use the tool so far and I’m hoping that more of you will take advantage of this feature in the future.