How Many Homes to See Before You Buy?

Many of my clients ask me how many houses they should look at before they make an offer on one?

There isn’t a certain number of homes you need to see before you buy… it all depends on what is comfortable for you.  One of my recent clients came in from out of town, say 8 condos, and made an offer on one that night.  Many of my clients will look at 15-20 before making a decision.  What’s most important is that at each showing you and your REALTOR discuss what you like and dislike about each home, the area, etc. so that you can better narrow the growing list of homes for sale into a manageable list for you to see.  It may also help to take notes on each home and to rank the homes you’ve seen at each outing so that you can quickly eliminate anything that isn’t in your top 3.


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