Wanted: New Sellers

Shameless Plug:

Over the last few months I’ve been selling my inventory rather quickly and with my most recent sale last week I’m down to only 1.5 listings (the “.5″ is a co-list with my good friend, Lisa Dunn).  I’m always trying to keep 3-4 listings active at a time so that means I’m looking for approximately 2 new sellers looking to make a move.

I’ve got some awesome tools for advertising my listings online to get the broadest exposure possible, I have about $600 in camera equipment for great photos, and my full color market brochures really make your house stand out… if you’re thinking about selling, give me a call and I’ll be happy to meet with you to demonstrate how I can sell your home quickly too.

Give me a call. 612-251-5599

Update: Sellers came out of the woodwork in May and early June… I’ve got lots of good inventory now… make sure to check my home page for my current listings.