Snow in June? Really?

In this busy time of year, I see a lot of listings on the MLS.  Amazingly, a significant number of houses are the market 120+ days have snow in the main photo.  I did a random sample of 400 houses on 120+ days and found a total of 14 with snow in the photo.

If you are a buyer looking at houses online, what is your first impression about a home for sale in June that still has snow in the main photo?  My guess is that it’s not a good impression… feel free to leave your specific thoughts below.


  1. says

    This is a problem I have been carping about for some time myself. I have even complained to Northstar Regional MLS, but to no avail. However, they will still are happy to fine us if our photos are a day late, even if we do include ones that correlate with the correct season.