Spring Parade of Homes in Full Swing

The Parade of Homes started last weekend and continues through March 16, 2008.  This is typically a time where we see a uptick in buyer activity and in the past, builders have used this as a platform to push some of their “spec” homes and of course push their custom homes as well.

While it certainly seems inviting for buyers to go to these model homes on their own, doing so means they miss their opportunity to get fair and impartial information from an agent representing their best interests.  Some homes on the Parade are a good value, some are not.  Each builder, location, and style/model of home has its good and its bad, and a knowledgeable agent can provide great advice on the available options.

Many buyers think that they can go see the houses on their own and then bring an agent back to help them with the one they want to purchase.  While that is true, what the buyer probably doesn’t know is that their agent may or may not be compensated by the builder for the sale because of Procuring Cause.

Simply put, buyers that want to have an agent represent them in a transaction should coordinate all their showing activities through that agent.