Edina Realty – Behind the Red Curtain

Star Tribune had a good article today about the successes and struggles of Edina Realty and of our fearless leader, Bob Peltier, who suffered a severe stroke last year and has fought back every day since.

This story does not even scratch the surface on what both Bob and Edina Realty have done and are doing in the face of challenging times.  There are many stories I can tell you of both first-hand experiences and those of my fellow agents that demonstrate the character of our leadership.  Times are harder today but there are still so many opportunities too.  I bleed Edina Realty Red because both the company and its leaders continue to demonstrate strength and fortitude in the face of ever-changing challenges.


  1. realjunkie says

    I read the Trib article and found brief but informative. So your bleeding RED should have you promoting the article and possibly adding your thoughts from your experiences. Just a thought.