Five New South Bloomfield Listings Now on the Market!

Suburban HouseWhen first proposed nearly six years ago, the Mayor’s plan to begin rehabilitating portions of South Bloomfield was divisive, to say the least, and more than one sternly worded op-ed appeared in our stalwart Bloomfield Picayune. I have to admit that even I was skeptical, until I attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony last Saturday morning.

After an eloquent speech, the Mayor unveiled seven absolutely gorgeous rehabilitated properties along a scenic stretch of S. Penn Avenue. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent non turpis quis nisi ornare mollis eu quis ante. Vivamus eu porta nisi. Aenean iaculis turpis a mi faucibus malesuada. Fusce ultrices consequat pulvinar. Quisque sapien metus, euismod eu dictum non, mollis sed risus. Nulla blandit condimentum augue, eget imperdiet augue elementum vel. Phasellus pellentesque sagittis tortor, non malesuada lectus scelerisque ac. Nullam congue dignissim metus eu iaculis. Vivamus sit amet nibh sit amet mi laoreet porttitor sit amet sed mauris. Vestibulum ac urna neque. Nam pulvinar pulvinar quam ut scelerisque. Mauris convallis justo quis magna rutrum accumsan.