Mortgage Solicitation

I recently got pre-approved with my loan officer in preparation for an offer I was planning to make.  I applied on Friday, by Tuesday of the next week I had an offer in my mailbox from a mortgage broker in town that assured me that he could get me a better deal on my mortgage with what he said was my credit score of 735 (which it is).

When I got this I immediately realized this was a solicitation that was fired off because my credit was pulled by my loan officer and therefore shows that I’m in the market for a home loan.  While she had warned me about this months before, it was still a little surprising and made me feel a little violated too.   I don’t want people to solicit me when I make an inquiry with someone else… it’s none of their business.  Further, I would never do business with someone like this, or with someone who spams me.  Just won’t do it.

If you don’t want to receive similar offers, contact the credit bureaus and ask to be removed from their “prescreened offers” list.