Motivated Seller – Come Back Next Year!

Yes Folks, you read that right!

This was a quote from one of my buyers today… and he’s right on the money.  My buyer came in from Germany (the country not the town), flying 1/2 way around the world to look at houses for 5 days.  We had already narrowed down a list of houses to see before he came and quickly found one that met his needs.  Unfortunately the inspection went poorly and we had to walk away.

When we walked away that only left us with 1/2 of a day to find another home.  We requested 4 short notice showings (showings within 2 hours) and were only approved for 1!  Two said they needed 24 hours notice (though no mention of that was listed on the MLS) and the third never answered any of the requests for the showing.  When it was all said and done, my buyer and I had to concede that we were not going to find something for him before he had to leave.

When we were parting ways he gave me that line and it made us both think how crazy it is to be a seller trying to sell a home in this more competitive and slower market when you won’t let a ready, willing, eager and able buyer into see your home!  Something tells me they won’t see a SOLD sign anytime soon.

Moral of the story: You can’t always say “yes” to all showings, but you better make the best effort to say it to every showing you can!


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    I agree 100% with you. That happened to me couple of times with one of my clients and it’s very frustrating. May be the listing agents are not as motivated as the sellers.

    Question – Did you call the listing agent and explain your buyer’s situation? – Sometimes they make exceptions.